Vulvar Care

Hypocontactant Vulvar Care

R Stuart Fowler, MD

Consultant in Gynecology

GYN rotation 1/2008


  1. Use Oilatum (or Basis) Unscented body soap
  2. Wear all cotton underwear
  3. Wash underwear, sheets, and towels in Cheer Free Detergent.  Do not use fabric softeners.  Do not use anti-cling agents such as “Bounce.”
  4. Wash hair in sink to keep chemicals off the vulva.
  5. Use unscented white toilet paper such as Northern unscented.
  6. Do not apply perfume, powders, to the Vulva.
  7. Use unscented tampon, pads; preferably 100% cotton pads, (ie. Dignity, 480-945-2225)
  8. Shower or bathe in the morning using Oilatum unscented suds between the labia on the vulva to rinse away secretions, then pad dry.
  9. Apply Vanicream or 2.5% hydrocortisone in Vanicream to vulva at bedtime.
  10. Shower after swimming in pool or Jacuzzi.
  11. Purchase Domeboro tablets or powder.  Mix per directions and put in a squirt bottle.  Rinse vulva each time after voiding.
  12. Use Mayo vaginal dilators 3X/week if intercourse has been infrequent.
  13. Use Astro-glide for lubricant with intercourse.
  14. Use Vagifem twice weekly per vagina if vaginal atrophy present.
  15. Attempt to not allow your life to revolve around the vulvar symptoms.
  16. Be patient; onset of improvement generally requires 4 to 6 months.