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Breast Cancer Screen, age 40-75: Last Mammogram, clinical exam.

Cervical Cancer Screen: 21-30 (qyr), 30+ (Q2-3y, past 3+neg), 70+ (past 3+neg); consider GC/CT, HIV, Hep, RPR testing if new partner/ increased risk

Colorectal Cancer Screen, age 50-80: Last Colonoscopy (q10y)/Colonography (q5y);

Prostate Cancer Screen, age 50-70: Last PSA, DRE

Lipid Screening, age 20-75: q5y

Osteoporosis Screening, postmenopausal: one-time

AAA Screen, age 65-75 with any smoking history: one-time

Skin Cancer


 To lower your risk of cancer from all causes: